What the duck?

What are letters good for? They must be good for something. Letters for Ducks is the moniker of a design duo in Houston, Texas that explores a love of hand lettering across paper, vintage goods, signage and any other fun and functional paraphernalia we can get our hands on. Always fun, always unpredictable, this is quite simply, odds and ends infused with letters.

The quacks behind the serifs


Katy Holton

A designer, illustrator and merrymaker living in Houston, TX.  

I like to reveal the positive in everyday things, especially through my work.  When I'm not lettering at home, I'm designing invitations, stationery and more at Papellerie, a boutique wedding and event branding studio in Houston. It's very fun, very niche, and almost nonstop!


Tim DeSilva

A designer, brand builder and bicycle rider in Houston, TX.

I like helping people grow their ideas. When I'm not lettering, I'm running full speed with my partners, branding a better world at Culture Pilot. We help build brands and produce fun experiences online and off. It's a fast-paced, futuristic environment that I'm lucky to be a part of.