Hand Lettering Houston Meetup

Once a month, we host a Lettering Meetup in Houston for fellow artists. #HandLetterHou

Through our ongoing experience with brand development at Culture Pilot and our professional careers, the initial goal of this endeavour was to use hand lettering as a cross-discipline for getting back to our roots, making time to practice our hand-skills, and continuing to learn from one another. As we found ourselves sketching in cafes and getting into conversations with friendly folks, we thought, why not invite a broader community of like-minded people to explore the art.

We've decided to start "light" and look forward to how this meetup will evolve. We're excited at the potential of short talks, workshops, creating collaborative pieces, screening movies... etc. Bottom line: This is just a start, and an excuse to sketch, test new ideas, and learn. We feel it should be designed and built by the community wherein there are no figure heads. We are always learning from one another.

If you'd like to meet and learn from more hand letterers, please join in for a bit of casual sketching and good conversation when you're in town.

For all the deets, head to: http://www.meetup.com/Hand-lettering-Houston

Stay Creative,
tim & katy